Group Pictures

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Sherwood Forest -  4 acre wooded course with forts and room for strategic maneuvering! Game mode: DOMINATION

Speedball - 2 acres, open field with sparse trees, plenty of shade and cover. Game mode: DOMINATION

Sniper's Valley - 3 acres, hilly, wooded  area with a ravine, large downed trees for cover. Pure awesome! Game mode: DOMINATION

Urban Assault - Fun field with hover crafts, silhouettes of buildings, and vans. Game mode: DOMINATION

Middle Earth - Huge two-story, 4-sided castle with mote surrounded by the Middle Earth world (including the Isengard tower)!  Game mode: ATTACK/DEFEND

Cedar Village - Wooded field with many bunkers. Great for the F.B.I./Fugitive game. (Newly remodeled and DOUBLED in SIZE)

Air Ball - 10-Man Ultimate Airball Field designed for the tournament player and opened to all.  Awesome to play! Game mode: ELIMINATION

Pipe Dreams - Towering statues of pipe. Intense play! Take a look! Game mode: ELIMINATION

Tombstone -  Full size western town with many buildings, horse-drawn carriages (horses not included), and even a cemetery! Game mode: ATTACK/DEFEND

The Bog - Wooded, 7 acres with pond, streams, and small buildings. Game mode: DOMINATION

Playground - Building block themed field with wild colors to throw you off. This field keeps you on your toes! Game mode: ELIMINATION

Wasteland - A game of infection and neutralization that is sure to keep you on your toes! Game mode: ELIMINATION

Fangorn - Once a part of Sherwood Forest, Fangorn is now a stand-alone wooded course with forts, trails, and bunkers that are nearly invisible at a glance! This field is approximately 6 acres. Game mode: DOMINATION