O.F.F. Limits Paintball

The ultimate paintball adventure! (318)987-2696 Shreveport/Bossier City LA


In a story as old as time itself, total domination is the plot! Join us as we take that story to the paintball field! Our scenario games are played on +/-30 acres (map below) with several point stations as objectives. Two commanders will lead their teams to battle for total field control throughout the day. This is an all-day event (or all weekend for 2-day games)! Individuals and groups are encouraged to sign up. As long as you pre-register your squad, we can get you all on the same team! Continue reading for more game details and we'll see you on the field…

Pre-registration benefits:
Register before May 1st and you'll save $20 ($25 instead of $45) on entry, get a free meal voucher ($6 value), and get to choose your commander!
Register between May 1st and May 21 and you'll save $10 ($35 instead of $45) on entry and get a free meal voucher ($6 value)!

Sign up before May 22 and you could win a FS 68/4500 tank (http://first-strike.com/fs-carbon-fiber-4-5k-hpa-air-system/)!
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May 27, 2017

Entry and Air: $45 ($25 for pre-registration, ends May 1, at 6pm)
Paintballs: $60/case
Complete Rental: $20 (Includes gun, mask, and unlimited air)
Mask Rental: $10
Air Tank Rental: $5
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Entry (includes air)

Game Format:
The game will be played in 1.5 hour "Turns" with 30 minute Command Time between Turns. During the Turn, your objective is to conquer and control every Point Station (PS) on the map. At the end of the Turn, all players will return to their Command Station. Each team will have a 30 minute Command Time to regroup and receive updates from their Commander. During this time, the Commander will have the chance to trade with the Arms Dealer for anything that may be useful during the next Turn. More on that later… The Point Stations will carry over from one Turn to the next. Before the next Turn, the Commander for each team will distribute troops to any point on the map that they control. Be sure to download the map at the bottom of this page! Maps will not be provided.

Game Rules:
1. Mask must be worn at all times outside of designated safe areas.
2. Safeties and barrel covers must be applied before entering and while inside designated safe areas.
3. Field paint only. No outside paint will be allowed.
4. Eliminations are any paintball breaks on your body or gear, except for your marker.
5. No profanity or unsportsman conduct (includes wiping paint, playing on, and malicious shooting).
6. There is NO distance rule. "Barrel tagging" is encouraged, but not required. If your opponent chooses to "barrel tag" you, you ARE eliminated!
7. All gun modes are allowed. All electronics must be capped at 12 bps.
8. Max velocity is 280 fps.
9. Absolutely no alcohol.

If any of the game rules are broken, you will be penalized by a punch of your Player ID. After the first punch, you will be called out and sent back to your original CS to respawn. If you receive two punches, you will sit out for the rest of the current Turn. If you receive 3 punches, you will be ejected from the game.

There will be a head ref, roaming refs, player refs, and point refs on the field. All referees are to be treated with respect and they are to treat the player with respect. If any problem should arise, the referee is there to find a solution. If you have a problem with a ref, see the Head Ref. All refs will have a ref number, so have that number as a reference.

Points and Money:
Points and money will be earned for controlling PS at the end of each Turn. Each PS will be worth different amounts of points an/or money. Controlling all PS within an area will double your money. You can also earn money by selling goods to the Arms Dealer.
The Bog: Each PS is 50 pts and $500K
The Clearing: Each PS is 100 pts and $300K
Sherwood West:
Each PS is 250 pts and $250K
Cedar Village:
Each PS is 300 pts and $100K
Sherwood East:
Each PS is 50 pts and $500K
There will be orange props in random paces on the field. These props can be traded with the Arms Dealer between Turns. Only live players can transport these props. If you are eliminated while carrying these prop, drop them where you are.

Chain of Command:
Each team has a Commander and Squad Leaders. The Commander will organize the team as they see fit. It is strongly encouraged that you work with your squad and team to get the most out of this game! Teams will be signified by Player ID's and arm bands. You may not be on the playing field without these items. There is still fun to be had as a "rouge" player, but being part of a larger unit is the basis of this game. If you would like to create your own squad, you can do that during the registration process. Simply come up with a squad name and make sure that all of your team uses that name on their registration. This option is only available to those who pre-register!

Command Stations:
This is your official home base. When all else fails, come here to reset. Your CS is supplied with water coolers, compressed air, a field map, chronograph, and a safe area. The Command Station is not a safe area itself, but has a safe are near it! That is an important note, because your CS may become a very intense part of the battlegrounds…

When you are eliminated, you must return to a point on the field that your team controls. You may always respawn through your CS. You may also choose to respawn at a point station that your team controls. There will be some limitations on PS respawns detailed later…

7:30 AM: Shop and registration open
8:00 AM: Chrono open
9:00 AM: Chrono/Registration close. Large group meeting
10:00 AM: Game begins
1:30 PM: Lunch
3:00 PM Game resumes
6:30 PM: Game ends

The following characters are assigned by your commander before each Turn.
Snipers: With the assistance of a referee, this character can "snipe" any player within sight. Use wisely, very limited in number!
Medics: This character can heal any elimination except for head shots. (Limited)
Bomb Techs: This character has the special ability to use a tennis ball as a grenade with a 20' blast radius. Works on point stations and players. (Limited)
Mechanics: This is needed for any repairs to the helicopter, tank, or point stations.
Pilots: You need this character to operate the helicopter.
Tank Drivers: As the name would indicate, this character is necessary to operate the tank. There is a height requirement.

Arms Dealer:
I told you there would be more later! This is the person to see when paintballs just aren't enough. Price and availability of items vary, but here is a description of the supplies you can normally find…
Fuel: You'll need fuel to use tanks and helicopters. Each gallon of fuel is a minute of operation.
Extras: This applies to snipers, medics, bomb techs, and mechanics. The AD has extra supplies for each.
Satchel Charges: Extremely effective for stopping a tank in its tracks.
Rocket Launcher: Equally effective in tank control, also brings down helicopters.
Airstrike: Nothing quite like raining down death from above.
Missile Defense: Essentially, this is an umbrella for the airstrikes.
Mobile Hospital:
This allows you to set up a respawn anywhere. Must be manned by a medic.

Each tank can carry no more than 6 players (one dedicated driver and up to 5 shooters). Players may enter and exit the tank as long as the tank is "live" and at a complete stop. The player must be completely in or out of the tank. You may not reach out of the tank to grab or change something. Only satchel charges and rockets can disable tanks. Until they are disabled, tanks can be operated as long as they have fuel. Tanks hold a max of 60 gallons and fuel is purchased from the Arms Dealer.

Helicopters can carry up to 5 players (one pilot and up to 4 passengers). This cannot be used as an attack vehicle. When the helicopter is in the air, they may not shoot or be shot. The pilot will have a yellow or red (depending on the team) piece of pipe to use as a helicopter. When the pipe is above the pilot's head and parallel to the ground, the craft is in the air. When the pipe touches the ground, the helicopter is down. Once the helicopter is on the ground, they must stay on the ground for at least 10 seconds before taking off. Only rockets can eliminate helicopters by hitting anyone in it. Helicopters hold a max of 40 gallons of fuel.

riskmap <100 players