[ Calendar]

Remember that we are open for regular play and group reservations during special events!
We have 13 playing fields and special events never take all of them.

Holiday Hours ]

We’re currently open by reservations only. Call (318)987-2696 to plan your paintball outing.

10-5pm Mon – Fri
9-6pm Saturday
2-6pm Sunday

Other times available for private parties of 20 or more.


[ Monthly Mixer ]

Mixers have been postponed during Covid.

The Monthly Mixer is all about bringing people together, paintball mixer style! This is for all players at least the age of 10, regardless of experience, style, or gear. Our goal for this event is to introduce others to (and remember for ourselves) the love of paintball!

Event details: As a mixer style game, you may partner with one other person, or go solo, and we will add others with you to make two teams at random. We will play one game then mix players for the next game. You may keep your partner, choose a different one, or go solo for the next match. The teams might be large or small, depending on the turnout, but they will be even in number. We will continue this process throughout the day, changing fields every two games. A schedule of fields will be posted before each event.

To even the playing field and make it everyone’s game, every gun will use a gravity hopper. Tippmann’s with cyclone feed may not have response or electric triggers. The same goes for mag-fed markers. Gravity hoppers will give everyone the same (or close) rate of fire. This will allow us to play something like a mechanical game without having to buy new gear. If you do not have a gravity hopper, one will be provided at no cost. Remember, this game is for everyone!

After each game, EVERY player on the winning team will receive a ticket valued at $0.50 store credit. Think arcade style earnings. This can be used for anything (paint, snacks, gear, etc.) at OLP. You may save your tickets and spend them at any time.

Cost: There is no additional cost for the game. Normal entry ($15 for gun owners, $25 to rent) and pay for paint.

When: This event will be held once every month on the first Saturday of the month. We open at 9am, game starts at 10, lunch from 1-2 ($5 for a meal), ends at 5pm. You do not have to be here at the beginning and you don’t have to stay until the end. Come and go as you please. The more games you play, the more tickets you can win!

What fields are played? We will rotate through 4 domination courses and 4 elimination courses with some optional play on Tombstone or Castle.

Again, this is to bring people together on the paintball field. This is not a competition. Cheating, bad attitudes, and other unpleasantness will NOT be tolerated!

[ Sunday Scrimmage ]

Scrimmages have been postponed during Covid.

The scrimmage days are for players interested in tournament paintball. Regardless of your experience, if you want to take your game to the next level, this is the time and place to do it!

On the first Sunday of each month, starting at 2pm, we will host a 2-man “Old-School” round-robin tournament. This is a very simple format to understand, so even if you’ve never played a tournament before, you’ll pick it up quickly. The format will be old-school, but the tech will be up-to-date. We will use the current NXL standards on BPS (10.5), FPS (300), and Firing Mode (ramp). There is no distance rule in tournament paintball, again, this is all about upping the game play!

There is no additional cost for this event. If you own your own gear, Sunday entry is $5 for air plus the cost of paint. You’ll probably need between 1000 ($35) and 2000 ($60) rounds. At the end of the event, the winning team will get two 1-month memberships. If we don’t have at least 4 teams, we’ll change things up just a bit, but we’ll still play tournament style paintball and have a great time with it!