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Note: Each group member will need their own waiver! Please bring the completed waiver to the Proshop on arrival.

General Rules for O.F.F. Limits Paintball

1. Masks must be worn at all times when you are not in a designated safe area. Your mask should fit tightly to your cheekbone and forehead.
2. Safeties and Barrel Covers must be applied anytime you are not on a playing field. Keep your fingers off of the trigger.
3. Eliminations count when the paintball hits you and breaks. Gun hits, bounces, and indirect splatters do not count. When you are eliminated:

a. Raise gun and yell, “ HIT!”
b. Exit bunker and apply safety and cover
c. Exit field with your gun held high
d. Make sure that your mask is on until you are completely inside the designated safe area

4. We are a “Field Paint Only” facility. You may not use paintballs that were not purchased here.
5. Distance: Bunker to Bunker (ask your host for an explanation).
6. No Profanity.
7. No blind fire. Look where you shoot and shoot what you can see.
8. Do not climb structures that were not specifically built for climbing. This includes trees.
9. Please, put away and/or secure all valuables before play. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Be safe and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you very much for spending your day with us!

Map of Fields

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